Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disorder that takes place in old age. In this condition, a person starts to forget things and short-term memory loss takes place. In the present time, it is a leading cause of death in most countries. People after diagnosing Alzheimer’s, get in touch with the best neurologist in Jaipur and seek treatment.

But along with seeking Medical health, it is also essential for a person to manage the things in the surroundings as the doctor suggests. According to recent studies, stress can cause Alzheimer’s. People are still in confusion about the fact can stress cause Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder that has an impact on memory and other mental functions. This is a progressive neurological disorder, and with time it gets progressed. The connection between brain cells and other cells disappears due to the degeneracy of these cells. People suffering from Alzheimer’s approach a neurologist in Jaipur and ask him about the treatments available.

But the treatment depends on the stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Let’s explore the stages!

Stages of Alzhemire’s diseases

Stages of Alzheimer’s disease:

In total, there are seven stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Before we dive into any of the stages, it is important to know that there is no…

Headache problem is quite common these days, and sometimes this makes people feel so annoyed that individuals approach neurologist in Jaipur for a permanent solution. If you are looking forward to best possible treatment for headache and have no idea what you can adapt, not to worry because we are sharing best treatments which help you to feel comfortable.

Treatments to consider:

Keep yourself hydrated:

Sometimes dehydration leads to headache. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water and wait for 30 minutes after it. After 30 minutes, you will be able to see that you are feeling relaxed. …

Headache is quite common these days. Even teenagers report about the same. In some cases, children below the age of 12 also say they have a headache. At that stage, parents get quite curious to know what the reason behind it is. Not only in kids and teenagers but in adults as well this is quite common. At that moment, they look forward to headache treatment in Jaipur.

If you face headaches frequently, then it is essential for you to know about the facts we are sharing here.

Facts about headache:-

A headache could be genetic as well:

A headache could be genetic too. If your parents have a headache…

A brain stroke usually occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is interrupted. It prevents brain tissue from getting oxygen and other nutrients and thus brain cells start dying within minutes only.

A brain stroke comes under the category of a medical emergency. If any individual experience brain stroke at any point in the day, experts suggest him/her visit the doctor and get the best stroke treatment in Jaipur, India. This is because it demands rapid treatment as early diagnosis and treatment can help a person to reduce brain damage and other complications.


There exist some common signs…

Caffeine is both a treatment and a trigger of migraines. Do you know it benefits you, and treat the condition? If you know you should avoid caffeine, do not forget you can also get benefited. So let’s discuss if coffee is better for your migraine or not.

Causes of Migraine:

Some of the causes of migraine are alcohol, strong-smell, stress, fasting or skipping meals, bright lights, humidity, and hormone levels changes. Some medications will cause migraines, and some food combinations can also cause migraines.

Medication with Caffeine:

Do you know that some medicines used to cure migraine contains caffeine? …

In this modern world, where everyone is busy securing careers, jobs, clearing exams, competition, and family responsibilities, stress is usual. It creates pressure when you manage your challenging work-life and affects mental health. The resulting it can make you look for a neurologist near me.

Brain Haemorrhage

Of course, stress can cause many problems at the psychological level and physical level if it crosses the limit. However, you might have a question does stress cause a brain haemorrhage? The answer depends on many conditions. Let us find out what exactly can happen to your brain if it crosses its limits.

Does Stress…

A neurologist in India said that when blood supply to your brain interrupts or reduces, your brain tissue can not get enough oxygen and nutrition that it requires. It causes brain cells to die. It is the medical emergency that we call a stroke. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand what happens after a stroke.


This medical emergency requires immediate medical treatment. It is because as soon as you treat it, the chances of brain damage decrease. In this article, we are covering to the point Information about what happens after a stroke. So, let us begin with it.

After Stroke Days & Months:


Headache is one of the common problems everyone is facing these days. For the same People look forward to some home remedies that will help them to get rid of it easily. But sometimes the problem arises when they are not able to get rid of it at all. If you are also looking forward to the tips that will help you in getting rid of a headache, then you are on the right page. Dig this article to the last so that you will have the best tips available when you wish to get relief from headache.

Tips to…

When you or your loved ones experience uncontrollable shaking or tremors, it is better to consult a doctor. Combined with tremors, the lack of coordination, slowed movement, balancing problems, stiffness in limbs, and speaking difficulties can indicate Parkinson’s disease (PD). The progressive disease is detected with ease by an experienced and proficient neurologist in Jaipur. With early intervention, it is possible to reduce the severity of the symptoms and the complications associated with it. The disease is divided into five stages based on the symptoms and severity. So, the different stages of the disease are:

Stage 1

It is the…

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